Thursday, September 15, 2011

Agile Open Northern California

What is Agile Open Northern California? 
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Agile Open NorCal is an annual, 2-day event hosted by the local agile community. Here managers, developers & students meet and discuss topics that they are interested in.
Past topics included

  • Team self improvement
  • Coding skills practice
  • Kanban
  • How to test
  • Communication through drawings

Open spaces are optimized to help you learn what YOU need to, not what someone else wants you to hear.

Find out more about open spaces at here.

Who attends Agile Open Northern California?

 There are many sessions about managing technical professionals. Agile helps to improve communication, prioritize work streams, and visibility into the team and unstick teams. Managers share their successes. Many times puzzles and games are used to help understand underlying behavioral issues.

 There are usually hands on coding sessions to help developers practice and hone their craft. Agile development is strong on continual learning of best development practices. While Agile Open space is not language or API specific, many times the hands-on discussions are very specific to the problems you are having (For example: many times a dev will open up their legacy code challenge to solicit advice.)

 This is an excellent opportunity for students to find about ‘working in the real world.’  Also they can talk and code side-by-side with both technical managers and developers.  Agile Open is a great place to ‘try out’ ideas students have been learning in their classrooms.

Agile Open NorCal is hosted at Fort Mason Conference Center in San Francisco on

Monday, Oct. 3rd
Tuesday, Oct. 4rd

8:30 am to 5 pm.
It costs $250 to attend.  We hope to see you there.
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