Monday, December 19, 2011

Agile 2012 Development Practices & Craftsmanship stage

This is the original description we made as the producers for the Agile 2012 Development Practices Stage.

It didn't fit the needed format, so we couldn't use it, but it is what we have in our mind, and I thought it would be useful for speakers who are thinking of submitting to read.

You can submit here: 

Development Practices & Craftsmanship stage
"We have come to valueWorking Software"
This stage is about the code, and our goal is to have each attendee go away from each session having taken their game to a higher level.That's what real craftsmanship is all about - the desire to constantly improve.

We will accomplish this in 3 ways:
  1. Core Practices: By having an explicit minimum set of "must have" topics  
  2. Practice: we intend for Wednesday to be a code retreat day within the conference!  (more details to follow) 
  3. Advanced: Agile2012 is also the premier place to share what we've learned as we've continued to improve over the last year

It should be stated that as our track is about code, we are looking for sessions with lots of code in them. Demo heavy rather than slide heavy.

"You can't possibly have a stage for dev practices and craftsmanship and not cover ________ !" 
 That's what goes in this list for us.This stage must have an introductory session to these areas,
which we consider fundamental: TDD  - Refactoring  - Pairing  - CI  - BDD

Language: As these sessions are about code, one factor is which language will the demo's be given in. Please clearly state that in your submission.

No first-run sessions: Your session should be one that you've given at least once before. Even if that was just at an in-house event or for a small local group - that is ok.

Speaking skills: Help us to know what you are like as a speaker.Please include a link to a online video (preferably youtube) of you speaking at a user group or conference. This is extra helpful if you are linking to the talk you will be presenting at Agile2012, but any presentation will be helpful to us.

Training: The core goal for this stage is to transfer skill.Sessions should help people to improve their skills rather than just delivering a lecture.