I like making infographics. Here are some of the ways I visualize parts of my world.

What is Code Retreat?

Code Retreat

Simple explanation of what happens at a coderetreat coderetreat made with Jacqueline Lee

Refactoring Coloring Book

Simple Demo for the Refactoring Coloring Book Exercises

EPIC Rectoring Pattern

Got this from when Bryan Beecham came as part of the visiting coach program

ROI on Learning Hour

Compound Interest is fascinating: See more here (you'll have to make a copy to play with it)

On being the best

This was triggered from reading Maaret Pyhäjärvi's blog post "Thinking you are the best"

I also animated this

Mob Programming vs Meetings

CRUD refactorings

This also came from Arlo Belshee's observations about refactoring code.

Connections in Mob Programming

This idea came from Daniel Schildt at the bar after Maaret's & my talk about Mob Testing.

Getting The Best from the Mob

This came from hearing Woody Zuill talk about mob programming while he was visiting in Helsinki, Sept 2015. I wanted to why we get better results together.

The 7 Stages of Naming

This came from Arlo Belshee's observations about refactoring legacy code. We gave a talk on how we sit and mob together extracting paragraphs at Agile2015 (August) and I wanted a clean way to show the path of better, better, good he would write on the board.

Visualizing Refactoring

While this is a visualization of Woody Zuill & my talk about practical refactoring, it came about when talking to Nancy Van Schooenderwoert about how to sum up a 2 hour talk quickly. We worked together to make this animation.