Monday, January 18, 2010

Recipes in Java

 Learning to Program Java with Recipes


 14 amazing kids showed up yesterday for a session at Wintriss Techinical school on learning to program Java! We tackled 2 recipes durning these 2 hours, and wanted to show how to setup your own computer so you can continue at home.


Here's What you need to do to get started with the Recipes. First the quick-links, then detailed instructions below.


  1. Import Workspace

Download Java SDK

 If you don't already have java on your machine you'll have to download it. How can you tell if you do have java? open an terminal window.
Mac : command+space then type terminal and hit enter
Windows : windowskey+r then type CMD and hit enter
In the terminal/command window type
java -version
if you see something like
java version "1.6.0_15"
you've got it, otherwise download it from Sun at

Download Eclipse

You want to download the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (92MB)"
it's here

Download the Workspace

Download the "Learn To Program - In Java" workspace from CodePlex.
Unzip it to the directory of your choice. But remember the location, you will need in the next step.

Import the Workspace

In Eclipse, right click in the Navigator Window and select "Import Workspace".
A Window will appear asking for an import source, select "Existing Projects into Workspace", if you can't find it start typing existing and it will appear.
Click next.
The root directory is the location where you unzipped the workspace.  then simply hit finish.

If you are successful you should see the IntroToProgramming folder in the navigator window.

That's it, Happy Programming!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


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