Amazing TV Episodes

There are some episodes of television that are just amazing. They stick with you. Often they break from the normal flow of the series and act as a stand-alone episode (meaning you don't need to have watched any other episodes to appreciate them) I wanted to catalog them here.

  • Mythic Quest - S1 E5 A Dark Quite Death 
    Nice look into creativity, success and comprise 

  • Black Mirror - S3 E4 San Junipero
    An interesting view on heaven in the digital age, I believe the entire amazon series 'upload' is inspired by this episode

  • Master of None - S2 E4 First Date
    This magically captures the tinder dating experience

  • Master of None - S1 E6 Nashville
    This shows dates gone wrong in a way I've never seen on tv before

  • Firefly - S1 E4 Jaynestown
    This one does need some context, but it's a great episode about the difference between the legend of a person and the person.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - S4 E10 Hush
    A silent episode. Also related 
    BoJack Horseman - S3 E4 Fish Out of Water

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