Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Interview with Bryan Beecham about Pairing w/me the first time

I put a interview Maaret recorded with Bryan Beecham online yesterday.
It's about the first time Bryan paired with me using Strong-Style Pairing.

Here's the video:

and the Transcript:

 So the first time i met llewellyn I was in a session at an agile conference. They were talking about a developer and tester pairing and the benefits of that and it was a great session and the really cool thing was that it was very hands on so I ended up pairing at a table and I had this guy. This guy there with like kinda a little cocky he's got blue hair and I'm pairing with him. And I'm like great, I'll learn. I know how to code a bit... but we are using eclipse (i think) and I don't know eclipse that well... and he asked me that, maybe he noticed my hesitation and he said how well do you know this IDE?
 and I said "ah, it's not my thing"
 and he said "that's ok, because I'm going to tell you what to type."
   and I thought maybe he thinks I'm new to pair programming or something and I don't know about this but no, I was in for a whole new world of understanding because the person, who turned out to be llewellyn, introduced me to some, I guess now it's been modified to strong pairing which has some other meanings to it, but he told me what to do and told me what to type and when you think  
 oh yeah, type something very high high level, but no he was telling me on a very low level of type this word. press enter press semicolon you need a curly brace there and I was not allowed to use the mouse it's like no, no no no it's
 alt+r for that
and word by word, but I'm like 'keep it cool' 'keep it cool' because inside i'm about to boil over and just be furious, right, but then I noticed something was happening.

  I was noticing that I started to know what extract method was I started to pickup on somethings I started to understand the syntax better and his language started changing as this happened and he started talking at a more abstract level and his instructions got moved to a higher level and we were actually picking up speed and I was like 'holy smokes there's something to this' so although he's like completely obnoxious and annoying at first that there's really something here.

  So I that was my introduction to Llewellyn and I would like to say that as this point I feel like he is becoming a  very good good friend of mine  

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